Thursday, May 1, 2008

Your eyes aren't deceiving you, this IS actually a new post!

School and trying to find an apartment and job for the summer has prevented me from doing much sewing, or at least taking pictures of things I've finished...but I have finally taken pictures (albeit with a webcam so they're not amazing) of things I've been working on.I crocheted this (test) hat with cheapo Red Heart yarn to test out the pattern Top Rankin in the book Hip Hats and Cool Caps by Afya Ibomu...I LOVE this book, and this pattern. I'm making it up for reals in a brown/gold/green colorway and it should be really cute.

And when Threadless had a T-shirt sale a while ago, I bought this shirt:

Called My Father Was a Sailor & My Mother, a Quilter, but I could only buy it in men's XL, which didn't fit me AT ALL. Not wanting to pass up a sale (especially since this particular shirt I had had my eye on since it came out) So I did some cutting and sewing and came up with this:
I love the back, mostly because it shows off my (amazing) tattoo, but I may have to add a little tie thing so that it stays in place. I may end up shortening it a bit, but I like that I can wear it as kind of a tunic thing or bunch it up so it will be shorter. 
That's all for now, but hopefully after finals I will have time for more sewing!


Kero said...

Super awesome shirt. =D

Monster said...

omg I love it! I seriously would buy it from you! I love your blog btw..