Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lots of projects this week!

I was actually able to finish quite a few projects in the last week, including helping Laura finish her bag!
Obligatory silly picture!
She used "koto" by Alexander Henry for the outside and an orange print for the lining (below) Kelsey's hiding in the background but you can barely see her behind the popcorn bag.
I also finished the JJ pattern from burdastyle in a valentines print to wear on valentine's day. J and I went to Talk Sex with Dr. Sue on V-day, then the Vagina Monologues and out to eat on the weekend. 

Sorry for the horrible photo booth picture, I wanted to take pictures soon so I wouldn't forget and ended up getting bad pictures.
I had to use storebought eyelet instead of fabric because I ran out (and it was last year's fabric, so impossible to find any more)
And I obviously didn't plan ahead too well--I didn't make the sleeves big enough to be able to button, so I'll have to remember that for next time. I really liked the way the pattern turned out, and it was relatively simple to make.

And finally my proudest achievement of the week, I drafted the pattern, cut out the fabric, and sewed this hoodie together in one night, and it actually looks like I wanted it to.

Purple hippo buttons!!!

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